BDPS Internship

Position: Blue Devil Premium Services Intern (full-time)

Employer: Colonnade Group

Category: Premium Seating Operations

Compensation: Monthly stipend

Hours per week: 40 (depending on the number of games each week)

Length of tenure: Minimum of one year, with opportunities for advancement

Requirements: This position is open to recent college graduates and graduate students

Company Background: the Colonnade Group ( is a sports management/event production company based in Birmingham, AL. The Blue Devil Premium Services Office is Colonnade’s official office at Duke. In addition to Duke, Colonnade oversees premium seating and hospitality at Clemson, Georgia Tech, UNC, Alabama, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Georgia, Jacksonville State, SMU, Oklahoma, Kentucky and West Virginia. At Duke, BDPS is responsible for premium seating and hospitality areas for football and men’s basketball.

Job Description:

  • In-office tasks (between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., flexible with class or family emergencies)
    • Ticket holder and suite holder correspondence
    • Newsletter development
    • Policy manual development
    • Recruiting, hiring and managing student staff
      • Email communication
      • Scheduling
      • Payroll for student staff
      • Motivation tactics, incentives
    • Keep office organized
    • Maintaining database of ticket holders, suite holders
    • Survey development and input
    • Coordinate food and beverage orders for suite holders
    • Vendor research
    • Game day preparations
  • Game Day
    • Required to work all home football games in the fall of 2017
    • Will work most home men’s basketball games
    • Friday football stadium set up
    • Must present self well and communicate with Duke donors respectfully and effectively

Many Directors within the Colonnade Group are former interns. At the end of the one year internship, there may be an opportunity to apply for a full-time position with other Colonnade programs. If interested, please contact Danielle Walker at [email protected] or 919-684-3331.